From Nanowrimo: Letter From the Characters

October 16, 2009

Dear Author,

You have been getting to know us and planning wonderful things for us. We look forward to all you have in store…

However, we are deeply concerned with your interest in making the fictitious lives of others miserable. Please accept our apologies if we have misbehaved or offended you in some way. Although some of us do not get along, collectivley we feel that it is your intention to hurt us all and make us suffer in the name of your own amusement. We have made the following requests and hope you will amuse us in return. Please consider the following:

Elizabeth: A broken heart hurts. Please do not take my William away.

Thomas: Must I be shot?

Edward: May I have a woman, please?

Charlotte: Am I unworthy of being the MC?

Anne: Please don’t kill my father!

We thank you for your thoughtful consideration of requests and look forward to working with you.

Best Wishes,

The Guild of Characters in an Untitled Work


From Nanowrimo: Letter to the Characters

October 13, 2009

From me to my characters…

Dear Elizabeth,

Enjoy your life now.

I’ll soon be taking everything away from you and breaking your heart. There’s going to be a lot of trouble for you and life is going to be very tough. But look on the brighter side of this dim situation… you’re my star! You’ll see new places and make new friends.

The ending is not exactly going to be a happy one either, but the journey will be exciting.

Hang in there!

Wishing You my Best,



Dear Thomas,

I like you very much despite your temper and chronich seriousness. You won’t appreciate the good things you have and accept that life is bad rather than making it better.

And I must confess, I think I have a book crush on you, too.

But you’re going to fall in love and have your heartbroken. But she’s worth dying for… and you might have to.

Do your best to be handsome!

With Affection,